Search Engine
Placement Resources
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Keyword/Naming and Writing Resources

  • Wordspot ($$), WordTracker ($$), Overture, SLI, Google, Espotting, NCCBoston (multiple words) give alternate phrases for key terms, most with numbers. Digitalpoint combines WT and Overture; DP also offers a keyword tracker. Marketing-Ideas.Org summarizes many of these and gives a look at competitor's use of words.
  • Netmechanic discusses what makes up a good domain name.
  • Rankwrite has articles about writing content to optimize SE placement;
  • Digital Web discusses non-standard html usage; flash, frames, javascript.
  • Read SearchEngineWriting.Com's strategy to score highly with effective keywords.

    HTML Tips / Meta Tags

  • For example, Spider Food offers: using meta tags (see especially handling robots), the use of the robots.txt file, using ASP-SSI for a meta tag choice system.
  • SubmitCorner has a Meta Tag Generator, Meta Scanner, Robot Generator, SE Submitter.
  • An all around tutorial on preparing pages for the search engines - from
  • A similar Introduction to SEO has useful tips - from digital web; and one from Pandia on site preparation.
  • Ranking the factors that create Search Engine Ranking. SEOMOZ has other interesting articles.
  • Google, Yahoo and Overture and other PPC - after all, they are the keys to success.

  • Read Google's webmasters guidelines and refer to tips for helping the googlebot understand (score) your site.
  • Pay Per Click for dummies to get started. Part 2 focuses on google and overture words. Here are PPC Reviews.
  • Google adwords makes you a sponsoring link - here is a tutorial for Google Adwords.
  • For YAHOO commercial sites pay Yahoo Express ($299/year) or try this back door approach.
  • Articles on posting to Yahoo from and
  • Overture is PPC for Yahoo, others. Third party programs help manage your Overture keywords.
  • The View Bid tool assists in making your bid. Here is how it works. Overture also offers Content Matching.
  • Other PPC services include Findwhat, Mamma and Bizrate. There are many others.
  • Google is not aligned with SEO services but has these words of wisdom about SEO companies.
  • Tame the Beast offers a variety of PPC tools including links to ClickSentinel.
  • Web Marketing/Placement Resource Sites

  • SEO Logic has Search Engine Optimization 101 and Web Traffic 101; Pandia has Search Engine marketing 101.
  • The SEO Guy tutorial;'s SE Tutorial, a piece on Yahoo, a discussion of keyword choice.
  • Search Engine Watch for search engine submission tips, search engine listings, up to date news, techniques; Design Tips. Also see and SearchEngineGuide (interesting articles) and ISEdb.
  • See also 1stSearchRanking.Com for other thoughtful articles; Pandia for its SE Portal.
  • has a tutorial on preparing your pages, and a special article for posting to Yahoo.
  • About.Com has search optimization articles and links to relevant tools.
  • Submission Services/Software - Submit-It, Register-It, Webboost, SiteSolutions, SE Submitter, Exploit (SW)
  • Pandia article on what to do if you are banned from the search engines.

    Web Marketing/Placement Tools and Techniques

  • A tool that returns google and yahoo page rank indices; Find Keyword typos. Here's a keyword tracker.
  • WebPosition assists in creating, tracking, submitting SE optimized pages. ($149, $349)
  • Bruce Clay's subscription includes online tools that summarize top sites in top SEs.
  • IP Delivery uses scripting to present different pages to diferent visitors; optimize for search engines. ($$)
  • GRKDA ($99)(density); Keyword Extractor; Webjectives Keyword Density Analyzer analyze key word usage.

    Web Marketing Newsletters/Mailing Lists/Forums/Blogs

  • The Search Engine Watch (blog; forum) - Forums from spider-food;
  • Web Marketing Today for internet marketing, e-commerce; Web Position Monthly - positioning tips/ tricks.
  • Sitepoint hosts a Search Engine Marketing Blog. (for example - this on Keyword Competition Metrics)

    Website Placement Books - or see other Website placement books from Amazon
    " Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotions", Peter Kent - excellent overall coverage of website marketing.
    "Poor Richard's Website (2nd edition)", Peter Kent - a good overall introduction to building low-cost websites.
    "THE Savvy Way to Successful Website Promotion", Derek Galon - straightforward, accurate, a simpler approach.