D.C. Area Bike Rides as created
Harold Goldstein
Janet Young

Here is a sampling of cue sheets for rides we've developed and/or led for PPTC. No effort is made to keep them updated so note the dates on which they were last led. A nice collection is also available on the PPTC site.

For the pdfs; you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. The original formats are often included; Excel, Word or (very old) WordPerfect files. Your browser must be configured appropriately. Installing acrobat will set the browser to handle pdfs; for the original formats your browser must be told to either save the file or open the application. if confused.

Ride StartRide Description
Black Hill
various picnic rides

(2005 rides are from visitor
parking lot - some earlier
rides are from nearby
picnic lane)

67 miles (over MarLu) (2004)

Excel --- PDF
64 miles - stop in Adamstown (2005) Excel
54 miles - stop in Adamstown (2005) Excel
54 miles - stop in Buckeystown (2001) Excel --- PDF
46 miles (43 option)(2005) Excel
34 miles (2005) Excel
19 miles (2004) Excel --- PDF
to Cheasapeake Beach Trolley
Museum and/or North Beach
47/61 miles (2008) Excel or PDF
Greenbelt (BUD) rolling ride around Ag center 34 miles Excel

Post Office

moderate ride to Lisbon or McKendree 45 miles (used in 2006) Excel
25/35 miles (used in 2006) Excel
Middle School
to Green Bridge Pottery
and/or High's on Ten Oak
51 miles (used in 2004) WORD
39 miles (used in 2004) WORD
23 miles (used in 2004) WORD
various rides Horsey Hills // Triadelphia Rides
28 miles ~ 35 miles ~ 37 miles ~ 41 miles ~ 46 miles
45 miles - Triadelphia Meander (not led)
45 miles - Olney Surprise (not led)
Upper Marlboro
to Hughsville50 miles PDF - part bad
Riley's Lock
MarLu Lite (to Buckeystown)35/50/67 miles PDFor WORD
MarLu Lite (to Buckeystown)
(a bit easier return than above)
33/47/56/64 miles (last used in 2003) PDF or WORD
Old Weds Nite Poolesville Flyer 27/30 miles (last used in 2001) PDF or WORD
Poolesville HS
Tour de Poolesville
(circles town)
35,40,45,55,65 (miles)
35,40,45,55,65 (miles) (last used in 2003)
Wordperfect 8
Urbana Horse Center
Too Hot to Climb 36/47/57 mile options Excel or PDF
Unity Park, Sunshine
Casual ride from small park 34 miles (can shorten to 20) Excel