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Our approach to web development, as illustrated by a sampling of our work, below, is direct; focus on content and its prompt delivery to the end user while catering to your specific needs. The small to mid-sized site will be well served at prices difficult to replicate. Email us with any questions.

And while exploring some of our websites, please begin explicit consideration of the planning and maintainence of your site.

Website NameContact/Description
Present Feature Sites: Karl Ammann, Amberlady, Visaexchange, Equine Equanimity ...
Science, Information, Education
Nat'l Amer. Indian Housing Council Housing Research and Assistance - Jane Demarines - no longer involved
NACEDA Community Housing Associations - Jane Demarines - no longer involved
The Bushmeat Crisis Conservation Projects - Dr. Tony Rose - inactive
KarlAmmann.ComWildlife/Conservation Photography - Karl Ammann
The Bonobo Conservation Initiative Conservation Project - no longer involved
Sealander Associates, Inc. Environmental and Health consulting - Norman Sealander
Kabele and Associates Reinsurance Broker - Thomas Kabele 
Insurance Taxation and Regulation Publisher/Insurance, Taxation Issues - Manny Burstein
The Autoparts Report Follows the autoparts industry - Ron Demarines - inactive
Commercial Sites, Services, Healing
Passport & Visa Exchange Visas, Passports, Documents - Geraldine Strozier
Travel Document SystemsVisas, Passports, Documents - Brian Orbell - no longer involved
Home Care Services Home cleaning services - Connie Mason - no longer involved
Canary Orchid Retreat A full service spa - Connie Mason - no longer involved
The Orbit Travel Agency Travel Agency; travel tours - Ahmed Omar - no longer involved
LBN Day Spa
LBN Colon
LBN Tattoo
Northern Virginia Day Spa; skin and beauty treatments, colon hydrotherapy, tattoos, body piercing - Lilian Omar - businesses separated, no longer involved
Interstate Ventures, Inc. New Home Developer - Si Rosenberg - defunct site
Gentle Colon Care
Healthy Colon Care of Florida
Healthy Colon Care of Colorado
Colon Hydrotherapy - Bill McDonald - no longer involved
Wholistic Healing Center of Colo. Colon Hydrotherapy - Janie Medrano
Boltansky-Brody Practice Doctors practice - Ed Levine
The Shaman Alliance Shamanistic Healing Group - Janet Young - inactive
Sweet and Savory Gourmet Bakery - no longer involved
Chef Jeff Gourmet Cook - Chef Jeff
Arts and Crafts
The Fletcher-Schwing Studio Art Gallery; Sculpture, Paintings
Leslie Schwing/Greg Fletcher
The Amberlady Fossils in Amber, Amber Jewelry - Leslie Schwing
Bigface Bizarre Wearable Art - Janet Young - site defunct
Artist's Housing IncorporatedArt Cooperative - Bryan Humbert
Travel and Recreation
Trail Riders of Today (TROT) Horseback trail riding group - Priscilla Huffman In honor of a great little thoroughbred - Janet Young
Equine Equanimity Body work for horses - Janet Young
The CyberstableHarness Racing Group - site inactive - Ralph Sucee
Hospitality Exchange Travelers Organization - Wayne Phillips
Dreamcatcher Bed and Breakfast A Colorado Bed and Breakfast - Julie Commons - no longer involved
Seascape Villa A Caribbean Luxury Villa - Milton Carrow - no longer involved
Ocean City Rental An Ocean City Condominium rental - Ron Demarines - no longer involved
A Birthday Party, a Horse Xmas
Avon Cancer Walk, an Ice Storm.
We'll create a site for that special event; for the photos and thoughts from your Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Party, Ice Storm, whatever pops up ...
Hummel and the Mountain An Online Childrens Book
Cycle Across Maryland Corp
(and other cycling event websites)
Bicycling/skating events; organization defunct - Pat Bernstein
In addition there are many diverse projects encompassing
Site Maintainance/Consulting -- Quality Assurance -- Search Engine Projects
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