Avon - New York City Cancer Walk 2000

Here we present the last day of the Year 2000 Avon Cancer Walk from Bear Mountain to New York City. You may select any 'slide' to see a larger view. We also have other photos, including pre-walk and the first two days. Or you may try our slide presentation.

If you wish to further support cancer efforts there are sites that will donate money if you visit. Other sites can tell you other ways to help. Try:

Some of these efforts are over but still deserve support and attention.

1a-on-the-hudson2.jpg 1b-walking-w-gw-.jpg 1c-walkers-w-gw-blurred.jpg
1d-after-bridge.jpg 2a-crossingstreet.jpg 2b-paula-roxanna2.jpg
2d-friends2.jpg 2d-waving-hello.jpg 2e-entering-ccny.jpg
2f-entering-holding.jpg 3a-holding3.jpg 3b-leaving-holding.jpg
3c-leaving-holding1.jpg 3d-leaving-holding2.jpg 3e-leaving-holding-x.jpg
3e-skirts-leaving-holding.jpg 3f-after-holding.jpg 3g-lined-up.jpg
3h-after-holding1.jpg 3i-friends.jpg 3j-friends3.jpg
3j-janet-on-bike.jpg 3l-friends4.jpg 3m-paula-roxanna3.jpg
3n-waiting.jpg 3n-waiting2.jpg 4a-crowd-waiting.jpg
4b-marchers-in-hats.jpg 4c-endscene1.jpg 4d-endscene2.jpg

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