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DC had an Ice Storm. Your Goldray was there!
iced_bush.jpg Friday, January 15th, 1999 dawned to a beautiful display from mother nature. You may mouse over, slowly please, any of our photos to get a better feeling for what we saw. You may have to click back to the main page. iced_bush2.jpg - 21973 Bytes

there was
the iced up
bird feeder
birdfeeder_iced_up and our old
but out front the old
stuffed halloween snowman
frozensnowman saw
the tree
tree1 tree2 tree3 and the tree
on the wires!
the cats didn't mind tree-on-line  tree-on-line
marko and the media
and we were
neighbors and the media  newsguy
So the street
was blocked!
blocked Just picture
the scene!
roadguard4-th.jpg - 3213 Bytes Precautions were
We hired
a guard.
hiring the guard The barricades
were manned
barricades manned
So how did it all turn out? Did we survive? Did the cable go out? Oh, oh, won't be able to finish now. There goes the power ...
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