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Of course FRONTPAGE is pretty much archaic but for those of you hanging onto it here are:

Resources on the Web

DynamicNet's Frontpage Resource Site.
Builder.Com has FP2000 tips and old FrontPage98 tips.
Microsoft's FP2002 Site has free add-ons, new themes and more. See the FAQ.
The FP2000 w/FAQ and FP98 sites are also quite useful. And all about FP and Accessibility.
Frontpage Usability Articles oriented to 2002; and oriented to 2000.
The FP2002 Server Extensions page assists in download/installation/maintainance.
   *Also available for FP2000 (look in menu on page).
MS user tutorials for FP2000 and FP98; and teacher tutorials for FP2000 and FP98.
Overall support for FP97, FP98, FP2000 and FP2002.
Accessibility Features in FrontPage 2003 - similar document for FP2000.
Article on Features Requiring Server Extensions.
AccessFP has resources for all FP versions;Webs Unlimited has a FP tips page; and a bunch of Frontpage Plugins.
Tips for turbocharging FP98.
Front Page Express was free with IE 5.0; now AccessFP has a FPE page w/tips on getting and using it.

Tools to Assist with FrontPage

Microsoft's FrontPage Add-In Center features add-ins for FP2000 and 2002.
Converting from Word to HTML is dirty - use the Office Filter to clean it.
ElScripto allows easy integration of javascripts with FP.
The Free Frontpage Themes Guide - available for download, including some from MS.
Fixing Animations to work with Netscape - since the FPjavascripts are IE only.
CoolMenuFX which creates flash and/or java menu structures integrates with frontpage.

FrontPage Books - (click to order/see reviews; check more FP books at Amazon)

FrontPage 2002; A Beginner's Guide, Kirupa Chinnathambi, Osborne, 2001 - comprehensive
FrontPage 2000 For Windows: Visual Quickstart Guide, N. Hester, Peachpit Press, 1999 - basic
FrontPage 2000 for Dummies, Asha Dornfest, IDG Books, 1999 - good intro
Running Microsoft Frontpage 2000, Jim Buyens, MS Press, 1999 - comprehensive
Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Unleashed, Stanek and Stanek, Sams.Net, 1999 - reference

FrontPage Mailing Lists/Newsgroups

Subscribe to FrontPage Friends w/empty message to
Usenet Newsgroups - Microsoft.Public.Frontpage.Client (related Microsoft.Public.Frontpage groups).

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