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We offer customized Internet training across the Washington D.C. area.

Executive Training

Consider our executive training package. We will customize a set of two 2 1/2 hour sessions with you at your site. Our forms, frames and tables materials are examples of our approach.

We can fit this package to any need with up to five participants.

General Website Consulting

We offer Internet marketing and consulting services designed to help you get started painlessly, inexpensively but with an immediate impact.

The first goal of a web site often is to disseminate information about you, your products, your services. To do so successfully, though, there must be an added element; you must entertain or educate; you must somehow grab the viewers interest and compel him to return.

Our design philosophy is to provide this added value so that viewers will want to use your site as a reference, will 'bookmark it', will refer others to it and come back often. This is seen in what we've done with the Amber Lady, for example.

Website Marketing

Website Quality Assurance

Our thoughts on QA echo a recent ComputerWorld article that we suggest you read before embarking on your project. Philosophe's discussion of QA and QC is also required reading.

We can provide resonable quality assurance services either in parallel with your web development efforts or at specific phases in your website creation project. Optionally we can precede a website facelift project with QA on the existing site.

Our QA includes, but is not limited to, aesthetic issues, ease and clarity of navigation, html validity, browser compatibility, link checking, image optimization, spelling, and your particular concerns.

You may be unsure of what the Internet means to you individually or to your business. Contact us with your questions; our response is fast and you will not be able to find comparable quality and service at a lower cost!

New links to online training resources will appear regularly; for now you might want to refer to:

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