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Read about our African Adventure!

battle with giant cicada think you had cicada problems!
The Goldray Consulting Group
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    Internet Training Materials - for your use or our courses;
    Forms,Frames,Tables,Style,XML, CSS
    Search the Internet for websites, people, files
    Resources to stakeout your domain, then build your website
    & have it listed in search engines.
    Local Living, Visiting & Internet Resources
    for DC, Baltimore, Annapolis.

    battle with giant cicada
    the great Marco rolls!

    Our Clients are about ...

    Fossil Bugs
    An Art Gallery
    Bigface Art
    Amber Jewelry
    Travel Documents
    An Ocean City Rental
    Colon Treatment
    Environmental Services
    Insurance Taxation Info
    Horses and Trail Riding
    Community Economic Development
    Wildlife Photography and Writing
    The Bushmeat Crisis
    A Great Bed and Breakfast

    need a dog washed? need to be hosed down??

    Do you like to travel? We created Passport and Visaexchange for your travel information and document needs. Use Orbit Travel for your arrangements and Hospitality Exchange allows you to be part of local life. Interested in Africa? Then you must read about our African Adventures!

    The Bushmeat Crisis needs your attention. Our primate relatives are being slaughtered. See the shocking work of Karl Ammann.
    Great Online Music now
    Online resources for life in DC
    You and your kids will love reading about the All-American All-Cat Himalayan Expedition featuring the great Hummel. And we have links for our outdoor hobbies, like caving, cycling and climbing.

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