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HTML // Web Development: References & Resources

HTML Goodies, EchoEcho, W3Schools - HTML/javascript/CSS/articles, tutorials, tools, references.
PageResource and BoogieJack  have tutorials from entry level to nifty tricks.

How domain name servers work. See Practically Networked on building/running your own server.
Netcraft and Domaintools can tell you the environment of a domain, performance records and more.
About Intranets; how to do Server Side Includes - more on SSI.
All about htaccess tricks; customizing the 404 error result.
An HTML /XHTML document should start with an appropriate DOCTYPE; here are your choices.
AnalogX has network utilities; keyword analysis, super whois, performance, system tweaking tools.
Codeflux has more basic tools; nslookup, ping, whois, validate, tidy code.
Too much spam from your mailto link? Use the Encoder or Safe MailTo or ascii codes to encode it.
HTML for email needs a primer; it is different. Also read about email standards.

You need an HTML Tag Reference and the ISO/HTML entities alphabetically and by type of character set.
See Vancouver Web Pages or the WDVL to learn about meta tags.

HTML Editors: Dreamweaver is the dominant WYSIWYG
but NVU, PageBreeze, Seamonkey and Kompozer are free and very good.
1stPage2006, and Html Tidy (repairs bad HTML) and Coffeecup are good free text based editors.
TUCOWS is a great site for editors and other development software!!  Also see for their 10 best.

Books, Magazines, References, On/Off Line
Teach Yourself Web Publishing With HTML and CSS in One Hour a Day, Laura Lemay, Sams Pub.
Web Design in a Nutshell, Jennifer Niederst, Sams Pub. or browse other HTML books at Amazon.Com.
PC Magazine has regular coverage of HTML editors, graphics tools, web techniques. Now online only.
Webreference is on-line w/regular web design/technique articles and tips.
The Web Developer's Handbook - set of designers/css/development resources; also see the WDVL.
Rankthis tells where your site is ranked by search engines.
The Counter - web user data; Upsdell - browser trends.

Style, Error Checking, Compatibility and Accessibility Issues, Misc. Tools
Use the Browser Archive for older/obscure browsers.
BrowserCam ($$), and Browsershots tests a URL on browser/OS combinations.
Delorie turns off features for backward compatibility testing.
Use the accessible site design guide; the DOJ section 508 site spells out federal requirements.
Netmechanic, SiteReportCard, - checks HTML, spelling, links, performance.
The W3C validation service checks HTML and XHTML for conformance to standards.
WebMetrics Tool Kit from NIST is a testbed, online or offline, for usability problems.
The Yale Style Guide is THE guide for design, layout, navigation.

Sound and other strange formats
Webreference for embedding sound in a website; here is a reference for all common file formats.
Zamzar offers an online tool for all kinds of format conversions.
Indezine offers a treatise on sound format conversion tools and see Nunzio for streaming audio.
How to make a YouTube video.

Page/site Templates and Design Layouts
A variety of nice templates at Basic Templates.Biz.
Here are some nice CSS layouts, some with drop down menues.

Tables, Forms - see also general resource sites listed above.
Tables tutorial from HTMLgoodies. Learn about Iframes.
Webcom and PageResource have well formed forms tutorials.
Bagism offers a tablemaker tool, a framemaker tool and an on-line colormaker.

Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, DHTML, CGI, XML, PHP
WestCiv has a complete CSS guide. And see our CSS Resource page.
Sample javascript at Javascript Source, ScriptSearch, WebSource.
JQuery is a new framework for writing javascript.
A basic DHTML tutorial; about the DOM; DynamicDrive, or dhtmlCentral for scripts.
Tips and tricks on CSS, javascript, etc. FatScripts and CGIextreme have scripts of all flavors.
CGI scripts: the VL, the CGI Resource Index; from Matt's Perl Archive.

Graphics Tools
and the Virtual Library offer articles on technique; transparency, anti-aliasing ...
All kinds of rounded corners ... All about protecting your images and original work;
Irfan View is a fine image editor, opens thumbnails, converts formats, basic effects, text.
WebFX and BeFunky (photos) applies special effects to your images.
BannerSnack, Creative, Banner Generator, 3dTextmaker, LogoYes, Cooltext for banners, buttons, bullets, logos.
Try to identify and find fonts ... it will identify unknown fonts in your banners.
SiteReportCard, Netmechanic, Chami (jpgs), SmushIt (all) optimize images online.
Easy GIF animator; Client Side Image Map tutorial.
Map This is a freeware imagemapper; Map Designer allows better fine tuning.
A great pixel screen ruler, a screen color grabber and an image slicer are free.
How color works; how hex works, hex-dec conversion; goodcolor combos.
Try a color picker or color wheel or a shareware color tool, an online color tool, a named color list.

Image Sources - Image 'kits' from Elated, BannerzRus and blanks from The Button Bin, and Buttonland.
Great sources for tiled backgrounds ... more here ... how to make them.
Free stock photos at Morguefile. Great deal of inexpensive photos at Canstock.
Image Search: Picsearch, Google, Alta Vista, Fotosearch (stock photos).

Related Mailing Lists - forums - email to address w/message in content to subscribe. - subscribe hwg-main (or hwg-news, hwg-talk) your-email-address
SitePoint, SiteExperts, Webmaster World, Webdeveloper - web forums; all topics.

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