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The AmberladyHandmade amber jewelry from The Amberlady; amber and jet, neckware, earrings, custom pieces ... tell us what you want.   BigfaceBigface; wearable art that must be experienced. For your ears, hair, neck, clothes, 'wearever' ... release yourself!

designs striking T Shirts with that Texas Twang!

fossil bugs
30 million year old fossil bugs in amber ranging from the inexpensive to fine collector specimens.
  Art Gallery
The Fletcher-Schwing Gallery features original sculpture, painting and drawing on themes local, mythological and African.

Insurance Company TaxationInterested in learning about the Federal Taxation of Insurance Companies, perchance?    
So, do you want a website? Our online webfolio shows our work and our philosophy; 'the quick delivery of pertinent content is paramount to a successful web presence'. We provide quality services at a hard to replicate price.
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