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General Acrobat/PDF Resource Sites - also see my plug-in reference.
  • Adobe offers a thorough Resource Center w/ tips and tutorials and hosts forums on Acrobat and Reader.
  • is a free remotely hosted service which creates flip books from pdf files. It's like having a real book.
  • The PDFZone is an all purpose resource; pdf tips, email lists and forums ...
  • Planet PDF is an overall resource; tips, news, tools, etc. See the developer section.
  • Guru Lair - Acrobat library loaded with tips, techniques, tutorials, utilities; even two way page linking (pdf/html).
  • The PDF Research Companion w/many articles; see HTML/PDF comparison & the 'how-to' page.
  • About.Com has a series of PDF tutorials , miscellaneous articles and news.

    Acrobat 6 and 7 Features

  • PlanetPDF offers a range of articles on Acrobat 7; a first look, their take (w/ chart of new features), family feature matrix ...
  • PDFZone has a detailed review of Acrobat 7; CreativePro also offers a useful review of 7.
  • Acrobat 6 and accessibility from Adobe and now Acrobat 7 and accesibility - including how-to guides.
  • New features of Acrobat 7 Standard and Professional from Adobe.
  • ZD Net announces the release of Acrobat 7 and overviews the new features.
  • Creating PDFs - Other Options

  • OpenOffice offers PDF export without the need for any additional third party software.
  • Leadtools Eprint Pro converts between HTML and PDF.
  • PDF IT is a Firefox extension that allows easy conversion of webpages to PDF.
  • FOXit provides a variety of PDF creation/viewing tools.
  • PrintToPDF is a shareware Macintosh printer driver that creates PDF files.
  • PDFmyURL will convert your URL to a PDF file online.
  • PDFlite is a free and open source PDF viewer and PDF printer.
  • WIN2PDF, Jaws PDFcreator, sector7g PDFcreator, easyPDF, Sonic PDF creator and PDFmail - low cost PDF creation tools, some with additional editing and manipulation capabilities.
  • CutePDF Writer, pdf995, the NLM's DocMorph and MyMorph, PDF reDirect, PrimoPDF, Sourceforge's PDFcreator and WinPDF. are free PDF creators - some have pay versions w/additional features.
  • Adobe's subscription online pdfmaker;
  • Try this free online service from pdf online; also a desktop application is available.
  • Click to Convert tools can create PDF or HTML from a variety of formats.

    Tools for Conversion into other Formats and Extracting Elements from PDFs

  • About.Com article on extracting text and images from PDFs with tutorials.
  • Use PDF to EXCEL to convert any PDF to an EXCEL file - instantly, online and free.
  • Smallpdf converts between PDF, JPG, and from word, excel and powerpoint.
  • Adobe has an online pdf-html converter (can be used on your own site), a converter that goes both ways and conversion to HTML or plain text via email.
  • Investech's Able2Extract converts PDF tp Excel, Word, RTF, HTML effectively. The Pro version also converts scanned PDFs.
  • Iceni Technology's Gemini converts PDF to HTML, RTF, image formats, text.
  • ABBYY PDF Transformer converts PDF to word, excel, html, text. Opens directly in desired app.($50)
  • Other conversion options include: Magellan and PDF Converter to HTML, Sourceforge html-pdf converter, various BCL Technologies tools, Freebird to image formats. pdfMachine is a print driver that enables pdf creation; IDR offers a variety of PDF conversions.

    PDF Utilities - either Extend Acrobat - or Acrobat Replacements

  • Adobe's Save as XML can save TAGGED PDF as HTML w/CSS; use the MakeAccessible plugin to create tagged PDF that is accessible and can saved as RTF.
  • Fill out PDF forms online and save them with PDF Filler.
  • ARTS tools include splitter and linking tools and additional STAMPING tools for acrobat; PDF Workshop is for file management.
  • PDFsoft has a family of plug-ins for form/database integration, easier ways to add content and meta data to PDFs and the like. There is an online hosting for PDF froms and a free boomark creation tool.
  • Appligent tools merge PDFs and FDFs, stamps multiple files, more; free plug-ins like a page reverser.
  • pdf995 is a comprehensive acrobat-like tool - pdfedit995 facilitates link creation - free with ads in browser; low cost otherwise.
  • Impress from Mapsoft enables text to be added to a range of pages in a PDF file. Other plugins can mask sections of pages, change page sizes quickly, add PDF functions to pagemaker.
  • DTSearch spiders and searches PDF, HTML and XML collections; on the web or on a network.
  • ACRO Buttons is a plug-in that creates toolbar buttons with enhanced functionality; PDFSPy extracts attributes from a PDF file.

    Specific Tricks/Issues

  • Searchtools.Com discusses PDF search and lists options.
  • How to create an HTML link to a specific page in a PDF file.
  • PDF for Prepress from About.Com.
  • Reduce PDF file size w/ PlanetPDF or PDF Enhancer or pdfCompressor or pdfShrink. Try Adobe for hints.
  • How to run Acrobat Reader from a CD. Here are other CD autorun tools.
  • Adobe has tips for learning javaScript as it pertains to Acrobat; also see planetPDF for tutorials.
  • The first accessibility FAQ for 5.0. A Guide for creating accessible PDFs.
  • Abbyy's FineReader OCR will take PDF as input or output; will produce Word from PDF.
  • When a PDF doesn't appear in the browser window.

    Acrobat/PDF Books - or see other pdf books at Amazon
    "Adobe Acrobat X Pdf Bible", Ted Padova, 2003.
    "PDF Hacks", Sid Stewart, O'Reilly, 2004 - tricks and tips.

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