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Acrobat Plug-Ins/Applications: Table of Contents

My Acrobat/PDF Resource Listi
Adobe Plug-Ins/Resources Lists
PDFZone Products/Shareware
  Gemini - converts PDF to HTML,RTF,text
  Argus - bulk conversion of PDF for archive or index
  TEP - extract PDF text
  PEP - extract PDF images
  Jade - plugin extracts PDF into other applications; text, tabular data, and graphics.
  Magellan - converts PDF to HTML with graphics, lines, hyperlinks.
  Freebird - exports PDF to TIFF/JPEG/BMP.
Ambia (lots more than mentionned)
  Aerial - plugin that extends navigation, printing, conversions
  Compose - batch for bookmarks, links, processing, thumbnails
  Re:Mark - add variety of comments to pdf
Computerised Document Control
  Local Render converts Word into 'intelligent' PDF
  PDFfusion compiles document trees, adds dynamic database data into pdf.
Informative Graphics
  Myriad Engineering Viewer - CAD formats, redlining, print control
  MakePDF, MakeTIFF, MakeCALS - individual or batch conversions
Merlin Open Systems
  Name It - create and manipulate named destinations (anchors) in PDF
  Options - for security options, document info fields
  Date Stamp - stamp a date upon printing (w/reader)
Round Table Solutions
  ARTSThumbopt - create thumbnails, optimize from command line
  PDFWorkshop, ARTSDuplex - manage your PDFs, document info (w/spreadsheet), duplex printing
  ARTSImport - batch convert from BMP, GIF, TIF. PCX
Digital Application
  -reverse order of pages in PDF, reduces icons in toolbar, processes forms, add watermarks ...
Xman Software
  xToolsOne - includes plugins that fold a page corner for reference, link tools, magic marker your pages,
  print section of page, create standard footnote, improved text selection, speed bookmark creation ...
  PDFNAVigator - adds functionality for conversion of pagemaker to pdf.
Alliant Techsystems - link management tools such as:
  InfoLinker - generates rule-based hyperlinks
Adobe lists Third Party Plug-Ins, a PDF-HTML converter and other Acrobat Resources
  Super Crop crops current or all pages
  Super Prefs - reopen documents, rotate pages, remove dead bookmarks, more.
  PDFMaker for Word97 - Word Macro for intelligent conversion
  Export PS - export page of PDF to EPS or PS
  Forms Author, Forms Fill-In - greatly expands forms capabilities (w/Exchange 3.1); fill-in is for reader.
  -generates PS and PDF from HTML
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PDF Embedder
  -an exchange plug-in that allows you to embed native files in your pdf before sending them for prepress
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new ones - StampPDF ( - Quite Imposing Plus ( - Prime Recognition - ( - adobe's on-line pdf-html converter -