Web Design
developed by: Harold Goldstein -- -- http://goldray.com/
Web Based Style/Design Guides
The Yale Style Guide is extensive; interface design, site/page design, graphics, multimedia.
Usability.Gov is preparing 'evidence-based' guidelines for web design and usability.
Art and the Zen of web sites is a bit dated and rambles but offers insight into the process.

Web Design Tips/Tutorials/Resources
  • Web Page Design for Designers; great design links; Smartwebby's Design Guide w/tips.
  • Basic Web Design Guidelines and Resources from WIX..
  • A great set of links to web design references.
  • The Usable Web; user interface/usability issues; guides to usable design covers issues.
  • SURL; on usability design; articles on older adults, children; will analyze your site.
  • About.Com's HTML and Web Design section, has many tips and Design References.
  • All Things Web on how principles of usability engineering can enhance web design.

    General and/or Specific Design Issues
  • Nielsen w/design errors, Web management errors and good deeds.
  • Liquid design is the current vogue; read views from Evolt, Sitepoint, DigitalWeb,
  • Color Use; about Color Theory and browser safe colors; see colormix to extend options.
  • The Accessible Site Design Guide; also the HWG resource page & the DOJ Checklist.
  • Jakob Nielsen's Writing for the Web 'doubles site usability'; other writings on usability.
  • UseIt is devoted to web usability; the alertbox with his articles and his papers and essays.
  • More Usability articles from Human Factors International.

    Web Development Resource Sites
  • Yahoo - Web Page Design and Layout and Writing for the Web.
  • Webreference is an on-line magazine and the Web Developer's Virtual Library is loaded.
  • Elated has free 'page kits'.

    Web Design Books - seeothers at Amazon
    "Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites", 3rd ed, Lynch, Horton
    "Graphics and Web Page Design", Laura Lemay
    "Web Accessibility for People With Disabilities", Michael G. Paciello
    "HotWired Style; Principles for Building Smart Web Sites", Jeffrey Veen
    "Deconstructing Web Graphics", Lynda Weinman (see her other books)
    "The Non Designers Web Book", Robin Williams and John Tollett
    "Creating Killer Web Sites", David Siegel

    Create your own style; here is the New York Public Library approach.
    For prospective web designers here are educational resources at the collegiate level.