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There is ALOT here; too much. I also have a one page 'best of' that fits most needs. Beware too, this page may be dated since it is only periodically updated and culled.

The first section is for sites that list and access multiple search mechanisms for the web, usenet, Internet databases, documentation, zip codes, phone numbers and much much more. The Internet Reference Desks offer services you'd expect at a library reference desk. Sections that follow are specific to the web, usenet, people searching, etc. Help me keep this up-to-date; send me your comments, corrections, experiences...

Complete Planet has one of the best Guides to Web Searching and it includes a structural comparison of the best search engines.

Findspot may be the only search tutorial you'll need. It tells you exactly how to use each of the popular search engines. And the BBC tutorial is aimed at the beginner. But if you want more then ... Finding Information on the Internet is a tutorial for both the beginner and the advanced user.
Northern Web's Search Engine Tutorial for web designers discusses design tricks to maximize visibility on the web but also provides insight into the use of the search tools. Search Engine Watch is a total guide to search engines and how they work. Here's a useful Guide to the Search Tools. Do check out the Library of Congress search tool guide. Finally here is a useful article about developing your own search strategy.

Internet Reference Desks and the Invisible Web

A compendium of useful sites with categories similar to Metaplus above. Either of these make fine starting points for general information searches.
MANY web searches, usenet, domain names, Internet reference collections, Email lists, WAIS, software, people, weather, news, law references, publications, literature, technical reports, Internet documentation, general desk references, phone numbers, zip codes, city maps, job listing, CDs, CIA world facts, geographic distances, much more.
Has search (find-it), reference and promotion sections; search web, usenet, software, people, gopher; references include langauage aids (thesauri, translators), geographical aids (maps, facts, phone numbers, zip codes), financial aids (currency converters, stocks), UPS, Fed-ex; promotion information lists sites to register your URL.

Research-It from I-Tools offers language, research, library, geographical, financial and mailing tools.
All-In-One offers a wealth of references. See especially desk references.
The Internet Reference Desk is a valuable compendium of references by category. See, for instance, Virtual Facts on File.

The Invisible Web

First see this compendium of Invisible Web Resources or try Direct Search or Online magazine.
You may also search the InvisibleWeb, the LII or Lycos version.
And Gary Price's List of Lists! And his Virtual Acquisition Shelf.
Full text search of huge archive of Science Journals from Highwire Press (Stanford Univ)
The National Academy Press with thousands of science books.
Infomine is the Scholarly Internet Resource Collection; also the Social Science Gateway.
WebSavvy is useful for keeping current; or try C-4-U software. Newscenter, comprehensive directory to up-to-the-minuteNews resources.
Congressional Service Accessible reports.
Resources in Psychology; Political Information; Bibliographic Information;
Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; the US Census Bureau; the Social Security Agency; the Government Post Office; SEC Filings;
For news sources factiva is a paid service; but try Northern Light; NewsNow

Searching Web Resources

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Images and Sounds on the Web

Multi-threaded engines - combines results of multiple web engine searches.
Dogpile searches more engines (and usenet and ftp) then the other meta engines.
Metacrawler allows boolean searches directly.
CNet's Search.Com took over Savvy Search and searches multiple web engines, reference resources, people finders, usenet searches and more.
Cyber411, which requires frames, includes parallel searching of some 15 engines.
Profusion allows some customization of your search and your choice of engines to use. - the Elibrary allows real english queries of hundreds of magazines, newspapers, books, encyclopedias and much more. Costs $$ - Highway61 has more logical flexibility than the other 'meta' sites listed here. - OneSeek encourages the use of chains; like sites linked sequentially. It also allows web and topical searches.

Individual Web Search engines - top tier - New improved Infoseek; very powerful, very fast, excellent boolean tools; search usenet and more. You can still use the complete infoseek interface. - Digitals new entry; one of the fastest and most inclusive; search the web and usenet. Automatically provides related words to aid in honing your search. - uses Inktomi engine (under development at Berkeley); claims most complete index. Allows search for pages that use a particular technology (ie Shockwave or Java) or under a particular domain. - The best known and, still, one of the best directory sites; superb subject matter directories. Can start here for a subject matter overview.
The Open Directory Project wants to be a yahoo-like directory created by volunteer editors. - Northern Lights offers 'special collections' for searching in addition to web content searches. A nice feature of the 'custom folders' generated by each search to categorize hits. - Greatly expanded; has 400 city guides, people search, multimedia (i.e. search for graphic images) files search, more; allows choice of number of matches for a hit . - Webcrawler; AOL's search tool. Also uses a directory listing approach. - Opentext is another fine engine to search the web, usenet, current events and more. Open Text catalogs EVERY word on every page it indexes so look here for that arcane word not found elsewhere. - Excite has fine web, usenet, usenet classifieds searches, web site reviews. A unique feature is its ability to find words related to concepts.

Subject-Oriented Resource Guides
(See also YAHOO, Infoseek, Excite, Webcrawler and Internet Sleuth) - The WWW Virtual Library! - Readers Digest's Looksmart leads you through its subject oriented directory. - scholarly internet resource collections. - The Librarian's Index to the Internet - The Argus Clearinghouse of Topical Guides. - SOSIG; Social Science Information Gateway - Galaxy; another comprehensive collection of categories. - John December's guide to Computer Mediated Communication.

Searching for Image and Sound Files on the Web lycosmedia.html - Lycos search for photos, art, videos, music, noises... - Yahoo's Image Surfer includes thumbnails for each image found. No sounds yet. - The Image Surfer is a search engine to locate images on the web. - Webseer is a powerful utility with a huge image database and a flexible query interface.

Commercial Web Sites

Lasso is a new way to limit yuor searches geographically. - GTE's Superpages maintains links to its nationwide Interactive Yellow Pages, derived from Yellow Pages directories from virtually every U.S. city as well as to business web sites.
Big Yellow is a NYNEX product with over 16 million phone listings worldwide.

Searching FTPspace - and for files in general

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--via the Web - also note the general sources above that reference software. - Search Cnets database of thousands. They also have just opened - Jumbo maintains a huge shareware collection. - the latest in 32 bit shareware on the net.
Albert's Ambry is another well organized shareware search site.

Searching for People and Businesses

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The best way to find someone's Email address is to call them. In the U.S. and Canada try to get phone listings via:
RetroSleuth - searching for people by phone number, email or name
Infospace - Email, phone nos for people/businesses, information about your town, fax and toll free numbers, etc.
Switchboard - Access to 'over 90 million names, 10 million businesses in US. Register to make sure you're listed.
Infobel - lists/rates all Internat'l Directories and allows world wide searching.

But if that doesn't work try one of these services: - The bigbook for businesses by type, by location - and maps.
Localeyes for businesses across the US; with maps. - A comprehensive white pages directory of Email addresses; register! - Searching by name and/or organization. Uses a registered base and other 'published' sources. Search.Com uses 'whowhere' for their people search options.
Lookup - is a pure name search.
PeopleSite - uses the power of members to find 'lost' people.

Searching Usenet / Seeking Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

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Google is the place to start to search usenet newsgroups. - Searches some 22,000 newsgroups for keywords with excellent filtering capability. Also searches a small number of mailing lists! Allows either email or web based response.

Searching FOR particular mailing lists or newsgroups. - Tilenet allows you to search for Newsgroups, mailing lists and FTP sites. - Search options for mailing lists and newsgroups. - Internet Resources include lists and newsgroups. - Maintains up-to-date lists of newsgroups. - The Listsearch people allow you to search for that particular list. - Listz lists the Lists (Got that?) and lets you do keyword searches. - Search a huge list of lists.

Miscellaneous Other - Mediabuilder collects engines that search the web for images. - The Image Surfer helps locate images on the web. (see also Lycos above) - Have customized maps and travel directions prepared.

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